Evolving strategies for funding increases efficacy and drives support for gender justice and women’s funds within the field of philanthropy.

WFN works in partnership with its membership and other funding partners to lead initiatives, develop programs, and organize collective action on key issues to strategically improve the efficacy of philanthropic work in the sphere of gender equity and justice. 

These strategic initiatives include collaborative funds, learning cohorts, and events and conferences dedicated to developing and sharing emerging strategies and practice.

Policy and Action

Feminist Philanthropy Hill Day

Feminist philanthropy has been building power on the ground in every region of the globe for decades – collectively, moving over $1.4 billion annually to advance equity and justice for all.  Remarkably, national philanthropic policy conversations on economic mobility, health care, the environment, and other critical issues have been limited to taxes and regulations—ignoring the impact of gender in addressing the complex issues our communities face at the national and international levels. That’s why the Women’s Funding Network and other partners created Feminist Philanthropy Hill Day in 2023. This annual event will leverage our unified platform to strengthen a power base of funders and donors who educate and inspire political leaders to take a gender-informed approach to policy in the U.S. and around the world.

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Strategic Initiatives

Gender & Capital Leverage Strategy Design Council

The Design Council supports the development of a multi-sector capital leverage strategy to build the power & influence of women and gender-nonbinary people in the US. Comprised of two groups – national funders and local philanthropic movement leaders, like women’s funds – the Design Council will commit to applying an intersectional lens while learning and working to create co-investment vehicles with the goal of deepening and diversifying investment in women’s economic mobility and gender-intentional strategies across a range of portfolio focuses, including reproductive justice.

The Gender Point

This first-of-its-kind initiative provides on-demand data reports that equip US women’s funds and foundations with research to leverage and enhance policy and funding priorities across the nation. Research topics include employment & earnings, health & well-being, political participation, poverty & opportunity, reproductive rights, violence & safety, and work & family and reports demonstrate policy trends from state to federal levels.
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Tools for Equity

Moving Money for Impact: a Guide to Gender Lens Investing

For philanthropists, board members, and investors of all genders who seek to make “money moves that matter,” this guide is a heartfelt introduction to gender lens investing that came about largely in response to questions and needs expressed by the Women’s Funding Network community.
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Signal for Help

The Signal for Help, created by The Canadian Women’s Foundation, a WFN member, is a nonverbal hand signal that provides a way to discreetly communicate when someone needs help. The signal’s effectiveness is tied to its ability to be recognized, and appropriately acted upon. That’s why The Canadian Women’s Foundation partnered with WFN to help amplify the new tool among our global network of women’s funds and gender equity funders.
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Biennial Conference

Feminist Funded is Women’s Funding Network’s biennial conference gathering of 400+ gender equity supporters and funders, convening leaders from around the world for two-and-a-half days of interactive workshops, labs and plenaries on digital strategies, global/local advocacy, organizing and more.

Women Funded 2021
Feminist Funded 2023

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Learn more about our feminist principles, values and practices, and how we apply them to our work.