Moving Money for Impact: a Guide to Gender Lens Investing

For philanthropists, board members, and investors of all genders who seek to make “money moves that matter,” this guide is a heartfelt introduction to gender lens investing that came about largely in response to questions and needs expressed by the Women’s Funding Network community. Written by Tuti B. Scott, intersectional feminist leader, former WFN Board member, and organizational coach, it comes at a time when growth in gender lens investing has accelerated. Current public assets under management total $11 billion as of December 2020, and yet, women receive less than three percent of venture capital — with less than one percent going to women of color.

Tuti B. Scott, Author and Founder of Changemaker Strategies

Founder of Changemaker Strategies, Tuti B. Scott is a speaker, strategist and coach to leaders and teams. After a 30-year career in women’s leadership, Title IX protections, and strategic consulting, Tuti is focused on engaging people in bringing a social inclusion lens to philanthropy and investing via workshops, speaking, and convenings.  A life-long athlete, she encourages women to get in the game of money with her action-oriented publications; Money, Gender and Power – A Guide to Funding with a Gender Lens (2019) with Slingshot and Moving Money for Impact; A Guide to Gender Lens Investing (2021).  

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