Women Funded 2021: The Feminist Factor

Women Funded 2021 is a virtual gathering of all gender and racial justice funders, allies, and individuals committed to place-based solutions across the globe for gender equity. Women Funded ‘21 will explore the intersectional nature of feminism as a driver of our work, of the values that we hold, and how we are collectively building a more equitable future. 

This gathering is open to the broader philanthropic and movement community as well as the WFN membership.

Tickets & Pricing 

Conference Accessibility 

Women Funded 2021 will be conducted in a fully virtual format and we strive to make our programming as welcoming and accessible as possible. Pre-recorded content will have closed captioning. Live content, such as plenaries, will have captioning available in real-time.  

Learn More about the Conference Platform 

If you’d like to learn more about navigating our conference platform, Hopin, prior to the event watch this quick video.   

Update Your Hopin Event Profile 

You can also customize your Hopin profile prior to the event, including Twitter, Website, and LinkedIn information. We also invite attendees to add their pronouns to the end of their last name to have them appear readily across the platform. You can edit your user profile by clicking on the user icon in the upper right corner of the Hopin site. 

WFN Conference Committee 

Our huge thanks to the members of Women Funded 2021 Conference Committee, who are spearheading our planning and community initiatives.  

Conference Committee members 

If you have any questions relating to Women Funded 2021, please contact Megan Murphy Wolf at mwolf@womensfundingnetwork.org.  

If you have questions specific to registration or our virtual conference platform, Hopin, please contact Becky at support@eventsbyladyk.com.