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Designing for a Modern Movement: The Creative Story Behind the Feminist Factor

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As we face the layered challenges of racism, sexism, health disparity and a global pandemic, climate change, institutional violence, and autocratic threats to democracy, it is ever more essential that we grapple with both our painful and joyous feminist movement history. Feminism, rooted in our interconnected liberation, is our strength and our challenge.

This year’s conference theme, The Feminist Factor, needed to capture the interconnection and values of feminism while creating an eye-catching conference brand that related to the WFN identity, but also had its own look and feel. To achieve this goal, WFN worked with our branding consultant, Tugboat, who collaborated with Kate Huff Design to execute the artistic vision. We asked them to describe how they brought the creative brief to life. Here is what they told us:

Since the biennial conference would be virtual this year, we wanted to introduce a vivid, futuristic, and inviting feel to the visuals, leveraging the fact that most engagement would take place on screen. 

To set a foundation for the conference’s identity, we took the basic shape of the curved “f” from the WFN logo monogram and built a custom gradient from it. The gradient’s dynamic form alludes to interconnection and forward motion. The gradient’s vibrant color palette pairs with a friendly, wide-set type to give off a sense of excitement and action.

Gender symbols are deconstructed into basic geometric forms

We also introduced a mathematical component to the visual identity by deconstructing gender symbols to their basic geometric components. We then applied the shapes at large scale to the composition backgrounds in a free-floating manner, illustrating the fluid and unrestricted nature of gender roles. 

Adding to the futuristic feel of the conference, we used warm duotones of purple and peach to apply to speaker headshots, casting them in a heroic light. All of these visual components work together to portray a bold, action-oriented event that is at once inclusive and engaging.

View the slideshow below to see how the conference materials came to life.

Women Funded 2021: The Feminist Factor will be held virtually on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Registration is now open.

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