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Women’s Funding Network Stands in Solidarity with Afghan Women

Statement by gender and racial justice funders and allies underscore risk to vulnerable genders and populations due to advancement of Taliban forces

Date: August 18, 2021
Contact: Ellen Moorhouse, Communications Director, Women’s Funding Network
(413) 218-2293 /

SAN FRANCISCO — The Women’s Funding Network and more than 70 representatives of women’s funds, gender justice funders, and allies issued a statement of solidarity with vulnerable genders and populations at risk due to the advancement of Taliban forces through Afghanistan.

Of the nearly 250,000 people in Afghanistan who have been forced to flee their homes since the end of May, 80 percent have been women and children. Therefore, the statement calls on the global philanthropic community to center the gendered impact of conflict by supporting locally rooted solutions and crisis responses that also center the leadership of impacted populations.

“It is imperative that philanthropic institutions and donors work together to work fast,” said WFN President and CEO, Elizabeth Barajas-Román. “Feminist women’s funds working in the region are trusted partners with the ability to move resources quickly to those in need.”

With the need for urgent action, signatories are asking individuals to call political representatives to expand or create emergency programs to immediately host Afghan refugees. In addition, the statement highlights the following organizations doing vital work on the ground to support women under threat:

To read the statement in full or to learn more visit the WFN website.


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