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A Powerful Network. A Movement for Change.

With over 100 women’s foundations and gender equity funders engaged, Women’s Funding Network is the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to women and girls. In 2015, our members invested over $410 million to advance gender equity.

Explore the women’s funding landscape, analyze funders’ giving patterns, and increase your knowledge about trends in women’s philanthropy.

We Make Change Happen

Lasting change requires shifts in how people think and act, and in policies to support social good. What makes women’s funding organizations consistently effective is that they invest in making these shifts happen, resulting in improved lives for women and girls.


The Issue is defined differently in the community or larger society.


People are behaving differencing in the community or larger society.


An institutional, organizational, or legislative policy or practice has changed.

Critical Mass

People in the community or larger society are more engaged.

Past Gains

Earlier progress on issues is maintained in the face of opposition.


Our members are women’s foundations, women’s funds, community foundations, family foundations, institutional funders, and more. Together, we are a network united in action. Join us as we build a better world for women and girls.

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Women’s Funding Network helps imagine, incubate, and lead initiatives, programs, and collective action on key issues.

Current Initiatives

Upcoming Conferences and Summits

Join us for our global women’s funding conference in San Francisco in Fall 2017