How Family Giving Can Bring About the Change America Needs Now – The Chronicle of Philanthropy

In a new article from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, writers Michael Moody and Danielle LaJoie, outline the crucial impact that family funds can have on the response to the multiple crises of 2020. They point to the nimbleness of family funds, and their close ties to the communities they work with, as key advantages and areas where they have the greatest ability to create real and positive changes.

In their best incarnations, family donors are also embedded in the communities they serve and have a clearer understanding of local needs. Many also have a passionate focus on a specialized issue area that engenders deep connections with grantees.These long-term, high-trust relationships allow families to respond more effectively when a crisis arises, making them better donors.

Michael Moody and Danielle LaJoie, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 14, 2020

In one example, Moody and LaJoie specifically point to the rapid way that women’s funds and foundations, “such as the Women’s Foundation of California or members of the Women’s Funding Network, quickly recognized that stay-at-home orders during the pandemic could have a dangerous, hidden consequence: an uptick in domestic violence.”

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