Two-Generation Advocacy Cohort

Read about the successes of the second year of the Two-Generation Advocacy Cohort.

What Is 2Gen?


Policy Advocacy + Gender Equity + Learning Community = Recipe for Scaling Two-Generation Strategies

The Two-Generation Cohort is made up of The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Texas Women’s Foundation and the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona. 

Together with our Chief Strategist, Marcia Coné, Learning Community Manager Sarah Griffen, and Coach Roxanne White, members of the advocacy cohort form a learning community through which gender and racial equity lens are embedded in two-generation strategies. This has led to improved research and evidence-based practices, deepened investment and strategy in two-generation work, and policy wins that advance economic equity and security for entire families.

“The clarity with which [the foundations] are doing 2G work has increased and improved. The clearer they get, the more capable they’re becoming in articulating what they are trying to do, how to do it, and what partners they need to come to the table.”

  • Marcia Coné, Chief Strategist

This work is not possible without the funding of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.




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