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WFN Receives Transformative Gift from MacKenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott

Statement from Elizabeth Barajas-Román President and CEO, Women’s Funding Network in response to award from MacKenzie Scott: 

“With her generous gift to the Women’s Funding Network, Ms. Scott exemplifies best practices in the philanthropic community in the fight for gender equity. We are inspired to see her bring a national spotlight to the work and values that unite our global community of more than 120 women’s funds, foundations, allies, and individuals. Her contribution is especially meaningful in light of the fact that just 1.6% of all charitable giving worldwide is dedicated to women and girls – a number that has remained stagnant for more than a decade. Ms. Scott’s generosity is quite literally changing the game for women and girls across the globe.  

Whether the focus is economic security, affordable childcare, or our collective COVID-19 response and efforts to rebuild, these vital resources will allow WFN and our partners to drive the research, policy, and grassroots action needed for all women to flourish. At the same time, we will speed the effort for narrative and culture change, knowing the fight for gender equity is inextricable from the fight to end oppression based on race, income, ability, and other essential elements of the human experience.  

Like the gifts—both large and small—that gave birth to the original women’s funds, Ms. Scott’s is an investment in recognizing that those who are most harmed by injustice must be at the center of righting it. By placing her trust in our stewardship, Ms. Scott also demonstrates how philanthropy is transforming to meet the urgency of now: with individual investments whose North Star is nimbleness, cross-sector collaboration, and systemic change. As a result, the road to a more equitable future grows shorter: not only through her good example, but through all those inspired to join it.” 

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Elizabeth Barajas-Román
Women’s Funding Network 
President & CEO

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