WFN, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is now supporting the creation of up to 10 regional Women’s Economic Mobility Hubs by women’s foundations in diverse regions.

Hubs will reflect their unique geographic and demographic landscape, and will magnify existing partnerships and strategies of the women’s foundations. Targeted community engagement will help identify community assets and key influencers to collectively move strategic efforts and investments that build lasting livelihoods for women and advance their economic opportunities mobility and security. Hubs will focus on the critical range of social, economic, health, and environmental conditions necessary within their regional ecosystems for women to thrive.

Questions driving the initiative

Women’s foundations have a long history of working to address women’s economic
security and mobility within their own communities across the country. Building on their proven success as connectors and strategic investors in women’s economic security, ten locally-based women’s foundations from diverse regions across the U.S. will be selected to establish these Hubs. Each will foster community engagement, deepen cross-sectoral partnerships, and connect community influencers in order to forge a deeper understanding of the critical social, economic, health, and environmental conditions necessary for women and their families to move from poverty to prosperity. Hubs will launch in October 2020.