The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade – Gender Equity Index

Cover page for The Women's Fund Miami-Dade Gender Equity Index Explainer with an image of a Black woman with chin-length curly dark hair and Black girl with red and black braids and an overview image of high-rise buildings

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade’s Gender Equity Index (GEI) measures progress toward equity for women and girls in Miami-Dade County, and its goal is to drive collaboration in the advancement of gender equality. The GEI provides a numeric score that measures the progress toward gender equity in Miami-Dade County over time and answers key questions such as “How far is Miami-Dade County from reaching gender equity?” and “What gaps need to be addressed?” GEI scores are accompanied by policy papers for each of The Fund’s four pillars: Freedom From Violence, Leadership, Health & Well-Being, and Economic Mobility. The GEI provides essential data to inform and assist policymakers and the broader community in improving gender equality.