Australians Investing In Women – Remaking the norm

Australians Investing In Women, in collaboration with Deloitte Access Economics and Minderoo Foundation, has released Remaking the Norm, the second iteration of its 2022 Breaking the Norm report. Remaking the norm reveals actions key to dismantling harmful gender norms and inequities in Australia, includes new research into the equality-based attitudes and behaviors of corporate Australia, and outlines how society can dismantle bias and stereotypes through practical policy recommendations and learnings from successful change initiatives and actions.

The report outlines six ways governments, business, philanthropy, and community groups can work towards realizing the $128 billion that could be added to Australia’s GDP each year if women and girls are empowered to reach their full economic potential:

  • Engage children and young people in discussions about gender norms
  • Enable men to play a bigger role at home
  • Eliminate stereotypes in language and culture
  • Embed intersectionality across gender initiatives
  • Create accountable and transparent institutions
  • Create structured processes to reduce embedded bias