XOESE – Le Fonds pour Les Femmes Francophones

Created in 2015 and operational in 2018, XOESE is a feminist foundation of public utility based in Lomé, Togo.

XOESE is experiencing very rapid growth due to very high demand and the great hope placed in it by Francophone women’s organizations and donors. Its revenues have increased by 688% from 2018 to 2022. With this rapid growth come challenges that XOESE is trying to overcome in order to stabilize the organization and allow it to continue to grow to accomplish its mission. Their current results and performance are very positive and encouraging thanks to successful multifaceted initiatives, including grantmaking, philanthropic advocacy initiatives, mobilization of local philanthropy (Je M’Engage Campaign for Generation Equality), and strengthening the movement (XOESE Francophone Forums). The Francophone Forum includes plenary sessions and self-organized sessions, and is a space that will allow activists to renew energies, re-examine their strategies, discuss, forge links, build alliances, talk with donors, reinvent their solutions, and re-imagine the Francophone Women’s movement.