Francene Chadwick


Francene Chadwick is the Co-Founder and CEO of Serve. She has a background of 11 years in management consulting, helping local businesses reach their goals and achieve efficiency and visibility in the community through problem-solving and implementation of practical management tools. Her experience has led her to develop strong skills in the worlds of startups, strategic planning, local economics, and finance. She is passionate about closing the financial inequality gap, community building, and developing products that make financial decisions simpler and rewarding. 

As CEO of Serve, she works to identify the financial needs of the family unit and community and create innovative technology-driven solutions. They reverse-engineer traditional banking, investment, and finance applications, aiming to increase accessibility and close the financial inequality gap. They are a trust-based financial platform inspired by co-operatives and led by community voices, creating inclusive and accessible wealth.

Francene also serves as Capital Catalyst at Zebras Unite, working at the nexus of strategy and implementation to support community, capital, and culture for people building businesses that are better for the world. She also is developing the New Markets Tax Credit Program for the Inclusive Capital Collective, which aims to stimulate business and real estate investment in low-income communities in the United States via a federal tax credit, and overcome systemic racism through equitable access to capital.

Outside of work, she is a wife, mom to two daughters, a Dyslexia and Mental Health Advocate, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Backer.