The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

David and Lucile Packard believed America to be the home of a unique type of organization—foundations—that are dependent upon both private funding and volunteer leadership. Along with universities, national institutions, community groups, youth agencies, family planning centers, and hospitals, foundations constitute a great American tradition that complements government efforts to focus on society’s needs.

While the Packards knew that foundations alone could never be expected to shoulder society’s ultimate responsibility to its citizens, they believed a foundation could complement government efforts in significant ways—combining the ingenuity and innovation of the free market with unrestricted charitable resources to meet significant needs.

The Foundation supports leaders and institutions working on issues our founders cared about most:

  • Fighting Climate Change
  • Providing Access to Health and Early Learning
  • Advancing Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Ensuring a Better Future for the Ocean
  • Empowering the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers
  • Supporting Local Communities
  • Gaining Knowledge Through Science
  • Protecting and Conserving the North American West
  • Helping Farmers Protect our Planet and Nourish the World
  • Building the Capacity of Leaders, Organizations, and Networks