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WFN’s Landscape of Women’s Economic Mobility

With support from the Gates Foundation, we’ve written the 2020 Landscape of Women’s Economic Mobility report which outlines these barriers, along with opportunities and the corresponding strategies implemented by women’s foundations across the U.S.  Pathways to success for women in the workplace and the broader economy must be created by, for, and about women.  Read more to understand how the economic security of women and their families is affected when a gender lens is applied.

Women’s Funding Network’s Landscape of Women’s Economic Mobility

Lifting Families out of Poverty: WFN & the 2Gen Approach

Marcia Coné

Women’s Funding Network Chief Strategist Marcia Coné is passionate about the Two-Generation (2Gen) Approach to breaking the cycle of poverty for women and their families. Here, she talks about WFN’s efforts to support its members in implementing the 2Gen philosophy and theoretical framework, as well as the work of the 2Gen Advocacy Cohort and their recent wins.

What is a 2Gen Approach?
When we think about poverty, programs are typically targeted to the needs of different members within the family. For example, you might have a child in a Head Start Program, while the parent is getting job training. This is helpful, but the 2Gen approach—which was developed by the Aspen Institute—looks at ways of addressing the family as a whole system and meeting their individual needs simultaneously, through multi-generational programming and policies. Two-generation approaches draw from findings that the well-being of parents is crucial to their children’s well-being and conversely, parents’ ability to succeed in school and in the workplace is substantially affected by how well their children are doing.

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How WFN Inspired SF’s Monthly Gender Breakfast

The Women’s Funding Network’s biennual conference is more than a collection of workshops, panels, and keynote addresses. Women Funded is a unique event because of the people we get in the room. When funders and advocates of gender equity come together, powerful collaborations begin and real change begins to happen.

The Gender Breakfast, a monthly gathering of gender professionals and advocates in the San Francisco Bay Area, is an example of such collaboration. Shruthi Jayaram and Lucina Di Meco met at Women Funded 2017 and decided that, together, they would create and host the Gender Breakfast series. These meetings are a chance for gender professionals to network and have a themed discussion led by an expert. To learn more about how Women Funded inspired this initiative, we went straight to the source and talked to Shruthi and Lucina.

Photo: Lucina Di Meco and Shruthi Jayaram 

Tell us more about yourselves and what brought you to Women Funded 2017.

Lucina: I’m a senior gender equality expert and women’s rights advocate, currently serving as Director of Girls’ Education at Room to Read and Global Fellow at The Wilson Center. Having just moved to San Francisco from the East Coast, I was thrilled to attend a conference and get to know like-minded professionals in Bay Area! That conference ended up being for me quite momentous, as I met Shruthi there. Right away, we started talking about our shared yearning for a community of gender equality experts in the Bay Area. A few weeks later, we co-founded The Gender Breakfast.

Shruthi: I’m a Senior Project Manager at Dalberg Advisors, a strategy consulting firm dedicated to global justice and social impact.  At Dalberg, I advise clients and develop strategies to increase women’s economic empowerment and shift deep-seated gendered norms and attitudes (e.g., around women’s role in the home and in caregiving). I moved to San Francisco in 2017 and like Lucina, came to WFN 2017 to meet like-minded gender equality advocates.   

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Women Moving Money – San Francisco

Women’s Funding Network invites you to an intimate evening of authentic connections, learning, and inspiration. Join us after work for powerful conversations, premium wine, tasty bites and a well-crafted silent auction featuring products from San Francisco women-owned businesses.

Hear from women who invest in other women, whether through venture capital, advocacy, or philanthropy.

Featuring a dynamic fireside chat with Women’s Funding Network CEO, Cynthia Nimmo and followed by a candid conversation with influential women who have created considerable impact and are passionate about empowering women. Find out what drives them, what are the rewards and challenges to do this work, why are women-led philanthropy and gender-lens investing critical in empowering women. Learn how YOU can be part of the vision for a gender equitable world.

Panelist include:

Stacey Keare, Founder of Girls Rights Project
Trish Costello, VC and Founder of Portfolia
Sasha Rabsey, Founder of How Fund
Junemarie Justus, Philanthropist and Founder of The Acorn Project

Event starts at 6pm and we highly encourage you to be there for the opening. This is a non-solicitation event. Join us to learn and engage with other change-makers leading the path to gender equity.


Pampered Leader

Indulge with a facial provided by the luxurious This Magic Life Spa, class pass to the Dailey Method, a basket from the San Francisco Soap Company, Socola gourmet chocolates, a gift card to Black Jet Bakery, and gorgeous plants to display in your home or office. This package is for the Leader ready to receive the pampering she deserves.

Foodie Feminist

Dinner at city gems: The Park Tavern, CALA, Delfina, El Sur, and a cooking class at the Cheese School – all in one package. Get ready for the ultimate San Francisco Foodie experience.

Fitness Boss

Not one, but 10 classes at the incredible pilates MNT Studio, activewear, a new gym bag, healthy and hearty snacks. This package is for the Boss who believes in a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The Mindful Shero

Take your brand new yoga mat to a free class at the famous Yoga Garden, then indulge your senses with an aroma therapy kit, body scrub, and freshly ground Equator Coffee. This package will help you find the mindful Shero inside of you.

The Queen and Her Plus One

Take your trusty plus one to a cocktail and bitters-making class, dinner at The Front Porch, and share a bottle of top-shelf wine. Whether for date night or night out with a friend, this package has everything You need.


Creating Impact Through Gender Lens Investing (GLI)

This webinar took place on March 5, 2019. To watch a recording of this webinar, please click here. You will be asked to enter your name and email address. 

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