WFN at Women Deliver 2023

Meet WFN members who will be attending Women Deliver 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda, July 17 - 20 2023.

Are you attending Women Deliver 2023? We’d love to connect with you there. See below for a list of WFN members who will be attending this year and where to find them. 

Women’s Funding Network

WFN President & CEO, Elizabeth Barajas-Roman, and WFN Board Treasurer and President & CEO of the The Canadian Women’s Foundation Women’s Foundation, Paulette Senior, are both delegates this year. 

Paulette serves on WFN’s Global Membership Taskforce, which makes recommendations to regarding WFN’s programming, collaborations, membership benefits, and outreach related to women’s funds, organizations, and partners based outside the United States or whose work is primarily outside the United States.

Paulette and Elizabeth are traveling to Kigali for Women Deliver in line with the goals of this Taskforce and as part of WFN’s broader efforts to build relationships with our global members and partners and deepen our understanding of global feminist spaces.

Frontline Women’s Fund

Jarai Sabally will be representing Frontline Women’s Fund this year and is looking forward to “connecting with frontline activists from around the world to get a sense of how the movement has evolved and how to support frontline groups.”


Ipas will be represented by Angela Akol, director of the Ipas Africa Alliance, Marcia Soumokil, Ipas Indonesia director, Bilguissou Balde, Ipas Francophone Africa director, and Pansi Pam Katenga, Ipas development director. Their goal for this gathering is to amplify the need for global reproductive justice, and how when abortion is legal, affordable, and accessible individuals and communities benefit—abortion affects every body.

Global Fund for Women

Latanya Mapp Frett, President and CEO of Global Fund for Women, will be representing her organization and had this to say about their goals for the event, “At Women Deliver, we are looking forward to discussing how philanthropy can shift power directly to movements for gender justice, racial justice, climate justice, and economic justice.” 

WomenStrong International

WomenStrong International will be represented by: 

  • Dr. Susan M. Blaustein, Founder and Executive Director, WomenStrong International
  • Hannah Barrueta Sacksteder, Program and Equity Manager, WomenStrong International
  • Mary Balkungeri, Founder and Director of Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN) (a WomenStrong partner organization)
  • Paola Saldivias Mendez, Regional Director of Visionaria Peru (a WomenStrong partner organization)
  • Rut Curruchich, Outreach Coordinator at Women’s Justice Initiative of Guatemala (a WomenStrong partner organization). 

Together they intend to amplify their partners’ ideas, messages, and solutions, and also aim to upend traditional philanthropic power structures. Women Deliver will give them and several of their partners the chance to speak to international stakeholders in the struggles for gender equality and locally led development.

Pro Mujer

You can find the Pro Mujer team at the following panels:

  • Carmen Correa, Chief Executive Officer: Panelist in the Opening Plenary of the Care Economy Pre Conference. Moderator of Pre-conference panel # 3 on “Care Financing Mechanisms + Financing”.
  • Maria Liliana Mor, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development: Panelist in the Care Economy Pre Conference Concurrent  Roundtable Discussion, Table 5 on “Building and Enabling Care Delivery Models through Entrepreneurship, Digitalization and Innovation”.
  • Tomás Gonzalez: Global Gender and Gender Knowledge Lab Manager. Panelist in a Virtual Concurrent Session: Gender Mainstreaming for Investment: A Perspective from Social Enterprises in Latin America
  • Carol Pinzón: Gender, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator. Panelist in a Virtual Concurrent Session: Addressing Intersectional Perspective in Gender Equity Actions

Rise Up

Rise Up is sending a delegation of 13 Rise Up staff and leaders, including advocates from Africa, South Asia, and Latin America, including:

  • Margaret Bolaji, Nigeria
  • Chala Kenenisa Edae, Ethiopia
  • Amrita Gupta, India
  • Saro Imran, Pakistan
  • Tanzila Khan, Pakistan
  • Neha Mankani, Pakistan
  • Dr. Jean Berchmans Uwimana (Berky), Rwanda
  • Dr. Dagmawit Workagegnehu, Ethiopia
  • Melody Yeleny Juárez Buch & Mayerli Yomara Montufar Mendoza, Guatemala
  • Kaitlin Chandler Brooks, United States
  • Alyah Khan, United States
  • Vidhu Prabha, India

Echidna Giving

In partnership with GPE, Echidna Giving will be hosting an Education Zone at Women Deliver 2023. You can join them in the Akagera Tent in the Exhibition Hall. Throughout the conference, the Education Zone will be open in the exhibition hall for sessions on a variety of gender equality in education-related topics and will be a space for education actors to shine a spotlight on their work.

The Acorn Project

The Acorn Project will be represented by Junemarie Justus, the founder & CEO. You can find her at the Pre-conference session: Fem the Future: Philanthropy for Gender Justice at 12 pm on Sunday. She looks forward to chatting about resourcing feminist movement leaders and marginalized people at local levels, and trusting partners to drive solutions that make sense in their own communities. Her goal for the conference is to “learn and be inspired by badass feminist leaders upending the status quo and centering justice while driving systemic change.”

Ms. Foundation for Women

Ms. Foundation for Women‘s President and CEO, Teresa C. Younger, will be attending Women Deliver and had this to say about their goals for the event, “As the national feminist foundation, our ability to learn from our sisters across the diaspora and the world is critically important. Being in conversation and bringing lessons home is key to creating the future we deserve.”

Bulgarian Fund for Women

The Bulgarian Fund for Women is being represented by co-directors, Gergana Kutseva and Nadejda Dermendjieva.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Members of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will also be in attendance.

Equality Fund

The Equality Fund will be represented by Cynthia Eyakuze, co-VP, Global Programs, Kat Im-Jenkins, Managing Director, and María Paula Wong, Senior Strategic Partnerships.

Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM)

Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM) will be represented by Carla Lopez, Directora Ejecutiva, Claudia Samcam, Desarrollo y Alianzas, and Daniela Flores Serrano, Coorinadora de Programas.

Fondo Semillas

Fondo Semillas will be represented by Gabriela Toledo, Co-Directora.

Urgent Action Fund

Urgent Action Fund will be represented by Jean Kemitare, Programmes Director at Urgent Action Fund – Africa and Kate Kroeger, Executive Director.

Mongolian Women’s Fund

The Mongolian Women’s Fund will be represented by Agni Baljinnyam, Executive Director.


Purposeful will be represented by Aminata Kamara, Senior Program Manager, Boikanyo Modungwa, Senior Insights & Learning, Rosa Bransky, Co-Founder and CEO, and Ruby Johnson, Co-Lead Global Resilience Fund.

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation will be represented by Alex Solkin and Ankita Panda, Senior Program Officer.

Packard Foundation

The Packard Foundation will be represented by Amy Iftekhar, Program Associate, Anand Sinha, South Asia Regional Advisor, and Kasahun Mormu, Program Specialist.