Chronicle of Philanthropy Quotes Elizabeth Barajas-Román on Challenge Will Award $25 Million for Innovative Ideas That Empower Women

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports today that in an announcement timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, issued a global $25 million challenge for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs working to empower women and girls economically.

“If philanthropic grants don’t address the causes of gender inequality, they amount to ‘Band-Aid’ solutions, says Elizabeth Barajas-Román, president of the Women’s Funding Network. For instance, she said, support for things like work-force training may help more women find jobs, but those job placements proved fragile in the time of Covid. In addition to training, philanthropy should consider whether the jobs come with access to child care and health care, whether the jobs pay a living wage, and whether they will continue during periods of disruption.”

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