Remember RBG: Support Women’s and Girls’ Funds and Foundations

Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, DC. @macfawlty via Twenty20

Today is the first day of the new term of the U.S. Supreme Court. When the gavel strikes, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat will be empty. Her absence leaves a gaping void on the court, as the justices hear cases likely to include sweeping challenges to Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ rights and criminal justice reform — among other human and civil rights issues.

The fact that these and other cases will be heard by a court now missing one of its staunchest champions of equity and justice is a reminder that we cannot count on the courts to protect us and should be an urgent call to action. We should honor Justice Ginsberg by carrying on her legacy. 

That’s exactly what women’s funds and foundations are doing. Their work is increasingly important as communities struggle not only for social justice but survival. Across the country, women’s funds and foundations have been rapidly adapting and recasting their work for the greatest impact amid the pandemic. Because of their deep, cross-sector relationships and the trust of front-line service providers, they are well-positioned to champion and channel resources to the areas of greatest need within their communities. Several have been entrusted to lead their region’s emergency response funds. 

However, because of the insecurity created by COVID-19, approximately one third of U.S. women’s funds and foundations are in danger of not surviving the year. Their loss could set economic mobility measures for women and families back decades.

We must recommit to investing in women and girls and their leadership — especially women of color by supporting women’s and girls’ funds and foundations. Supporting their work is one of the most impactful and enduring ways to continue to advance equity and justice.

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