100 Years of Politics, Persisting, and Patriarchy

Illustration by Cathy Libnic

In Emily O. Weltman‘s new piece, 100 Years of Politics, Persisting, and Patriarchy, she examines the history of collaborations and “broken social contracts’ between Black and white women in the ongoing fight against the patriarchy—and the nature and importance of allyship as we move forward.

As more and more white women have begun to take up Black Lives Matter chants across the country, Weltman wonders, “Did we mean it?” Will white women show up as allys when they vote in this election?

“White privilege can no longer be a weapon to diminish others; it must be used to concede power to the ones who lifted us first. As several famous Black change-agents said, ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.‘”

Emily O. Weltman, Founder, Collective Flow Consulting. 100 Years of Politics, Persisting, and Patriarchy., September 19, 2020

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