WFN Receives Prestigious $1.69 Million Grant to Advance Economic Mobility for Women & Girls

Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, December 16, 2019—The Women’s Funding Network, the world’s largest network of foundations investing in women and girls, has received a $1.69 million grant to establish a cohort of ten women’s foundations whose collaborative efforts will be harnessed to increase women’s economic mobility in their communities.

“We are delighted to partner with the foundation on this important initiative which gives us the opportunity to support and evaluate the strategies, partnerships, and programs that move women out of poverty and into prosperity and will provide deeper insight to the foundation on adding a gender lens to local philanthropy,” said Women’s Funding Network President and CEO Cynthia Nimmo. “Women’s foundations are key stakeholders in their communities, and come to the table with the multi-sectoral relationships, resources, and participatory practices that lead to lasting impact.  For decades they have invested in women-led solutions to improve communities with a deep focus on economic security.  Our experience in creating and leading cohorts of women’s foundations to share insight over the course of a long-term project has proven to increase the effectiveness of all involved. This grant enables us to take our impact to the next level by working across ten states and testing a multi-layered approach for economic mobility.”

Throughout the 2-year program, which will be funded with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Women’s Funding Network will work closely with the cohort to capture key learnings, facilitate cross-sector collaborations, and provide additional resources.


Media Contact:

Abigail Boggs-Moura

Strategy Development Capacity Building