#SheLeadsToo: Women’s Leadership is Everywhere

Now is the time to look to women’s leadership. To lift up and support leaders who support women and girls—all women and girls everywhere. For women’s rights advocates, the fight for gender equality—with its lack of clear answers and often winding progress—can, at times, be demoralizing. In these moments we look to our leaders; we stand behind them.

Valerie Bassett leads the Women's Fun of Southeastern Massachusetts
Valerie Bassett leads the Women’s Fund of Southeastern Massachusetts

The recent U.S. election brought with it new and diverse women’s voices to congress: in Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto was named the first Latina senator; in Florida, Stephanie Murphy became the first Vietnamese-American woman to be elected to congress; in Minnesota, Ilhan Omar became the first Somali-American Muslim woman to win a state House race; in Oregon, Kate Brown will be the first openly LGBT governor; Lisa Blunt Rochester will be the first woman and the first black representative to serve Delaware in Congress; in Washington, Pramila Jayapal became the first Indian–American woman elected to Congress; and more.

This matters a great deal because “women legislators are more likely to introduce legislation that specifically benefits women.”

Amanda Brock leads Spark
Amanda Brock leads Spark

Political leadership is critical, but civic engagement extends well beyond our city halls and houses of parliament. At Women’s Funding Network, every day we see evidence of strong, bold, courageous leadership on issues that affect women.

We have 100 organizations in our global network of gender equity funders. One hundred leaders fighting to build a better future for women and girls: one in which they are more economically secure, are free from violence, have access to health services, and one where every girl can grow up knowing that she has everything she needs to lead a nation.

K. Sujata leads the Chicago Women's Foundation
K. Sujata leads the Chicago Women’s Foundation

These leaders are changing the world every day. Let’s celebrate them, too.

Over the coming weeks, we are taking to social media to profile women leaders within our network—the executive directors, the CEOs, the visionaries—in our #SheLeadsToo campaign. We want to hear from you, too: Who are the leaders in your networks? Who are the women you see making a difference every day?


The U.S. might have a glass ceiling left intact, but let’s make no mistake: there has never been a world without great women leaders. Let’s make their names heard.



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