Gender Transformative Giving: A Report on the Next Phase of Feminist Philanthropy

This report, co-authored by Women’s Funding NetworkTrue Child, and Public Interest Projects, is meant to catalyze a larger conversation around how we view philanthropy and how gifts can impact greater social change when work is conceived through a gender lens.


The gender lens model calls on us to examine the underpinnings of social behaviors that are inhibitors to gender equity. Here at Women’s Funding Network, our values are rooted in race, class, gender equity and inclusion, and we believe that deepening our understanding of gender norms is essential to our practice in social justice philanthropy.

Historically, the traditional feminist frame of gender lens has unintentionally excluded important constituencies in identifying with the women’s funding movement. This report outlines how a comprehensive gender lens can help create movement building that is inclusive of diverse communities and different generations.

The increased violence and sexual assault on women and girls in the media suggests an urgent need for greater understanding of cultural norms and the need to adapt new strategies not only in philanthropy, but in the larger social and educational institutions. Women’s foundations, therefore, have an important role to play in creating social change in this regard at the state and local levels. We invite you to download and explore this report, and if you have any questions or would like to host a gender lens training at your fund or organization, please contact us.


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