A Toolkit for Engaging Younger Generations

Through girls grantmaking programs, young women shape the future of our Network. That’s why we helped launch GirlsGive, a toolkit for funds and foundations to start their own girls-as-grantmakers programs.

In 2012, 25 young women from Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, and Pennsylvania came together for the first national Girls Grantmaking Conference co-hosted by Women’s Funding Network, Chester County Fund for Women and Girls, and Bryn Mawr College. The event provided space for girl grantmakers to build deeper relationships with each other and share experiences and practices.

The leadership of these young women affirmed the need to find more ways to engage the younger generation consistently so that they are helping shape the future of our Network. That’s why in 2014, we are helping to launch GirlsGive, a resource-packed online toolkit that guides other funds and foundations in starting their own girls-as-grantmakers programs.

Designed by and for member funds of the Women’s Funding Network, GirlsGive provides three models of Girls Grantmaking programs for high school aged girls — including templates, common questions, and other tried-and-true tools to get started. If you are interested in developing a program or strengthening an existing program, we hope you will find the GirlsGive Toolkit helpful.