The Fund for Women and Girls – 2022 Blueprint Report: Lighting a Path

2022 Blueprint Report: Lighting a Path cover page with image of 3 people gathered at a meeting table

The Fund for Women and Girls completed the fourth edition of their Blueprint Report, the first and only comprehensive needs assessment of women and girls in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Published every five years, the Blueprint Report highlights pressing issues facing women and girls at the local, state, and national levels, with a deep dive on conditions in Chester County. The Fund’s 2022 Blueprint Report: Lighting a Path provides critical data to identify areas of progress for women and girls and indicates where additional improvements are still needed. It presents data points across eight key areas: Employment and Earnings; Work and Family; Educational Disparities; Poverty and Opportunity; Reproductive Rights; Health and Well-Being; Violence and Safety; and Political Participation. The report underscores progress, challenges, and areas for improvement, with clear action steps for the community on ways to ignite change. This data can be used for fundraising material, case statements, program and staffing planning, community action, policy-making, and more.