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Member Benefits

As a member, you are part of a global community of more than 100 grant-makers, nonprofit organizations, corporations and individuals committed to gender equity. 

  • Strengthens your work—from the day-to-day demands of changemaking to the leadership you provide in your community.
  • Provides opportunities for collective action on the big issues that matter most to women and girls around the world.
  • Amplifies your voice as part of the women’s funding movement.

Hear from our members.


Biennial Conference: Convening Leaders From Around the World

Members receive heavily discounted conference registration rates, along with unique opportunities to highlight their work on a global stage.


  • Women Funded 2019: Leadership for a Changing World took place in San Francisco, September 11 – 13, 2019. Members enjoyed member-only early registration, steep discounts on registration rates, and much much more.
  • 400+ people attended our global conference: Women Funded 2017: Tools for Turbulent Times  in San Francisco, September 6 – 8. Read more about Women Funded here.
  • Knowledge is power. But it doesn’t have to be boring. #WomenFunded2017 participants experienced the knowledge, skills and resources in multiple ways. After two and a half days of interactive workshops, labs and plenaries on digital strategies, global/local advocacy, organizing and more, attendees left with the #powertools to care of business at home.
  • Over 350 people across private and public sectors attended Paths to Equity: Innovative Philanthropy for Women and Girls in 2015. Check out the program.

How to access your member benefit:

  • Automatic with membership.

What members are saying about this benefit:

“The WFN conference … was an intense ‘crash course’ in not just the national and international issues negatively impacting women, but also innovative solutions.”

— Jeanne Jackson, President & CEO, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham

Summits: Discounted Registrations

Members receive discounted registration rates for our summits, along with unlimited member-rate summit registrations.


  • In our alternating years to our biennial conference, Women’s Funding Network hosts more intimate summits to provide a deep immersion for our members into the barriers they are dismantling through policy advocacy and grantmaking.
  • What to expect: Our 1-day summits give members the opportunity to share, learn, and strategize for the future in an intimate setting. Attendees will leave with concrete action plans across sectors to further their work.
  • The first summit of 2018 was held in New York City. During the first half of the day, we moved from the theory of intersectionality (race, class, gender) to its practice.  How does this play out in the economic security programs that foundations support and advance?  How are we committed to ending persistent racial outcome disparities?Leaders and staff of foundations will have the chance to unpack their vision of racial and gender equity and hear and learn from peers.  In the afternoon, we delved into the question, “Where do we go from #MeToo and how do we get there?” #MeToo forced us into some very difficult conversations about sexual harassment at work, home and in communities. Now there’s a hunger for the next phase, focused on action, solutions. We’ll need allies, can we start with men? How can women, trans women, and men work together in this historic moment? With so few venues for constructive dialogue, Women’s Funding Network, in partnership with and the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, is creating that space. Starting with dialogues between leaders on issues like reproductive rights, workplace equity, men’s violence against women, and gender equity in sports, we addressed ways women and men can and are working together to address thorny subjects, the new rules of engagement and begin to develop what we are calling an “allies agenda.” Speakers include Ted Bunch of A Call to Men and Gary Barker of Promundo.
  • In 2016, nearly two-thirds of our members took advantage of complimentary registration and more than  a quarter of members joined other leaders in women’s philanthropy from the public and private sector at our sold-out summits in New Orleans and New York.
  • Over 90% of attendees respondents rated our summits as “excellent” or “good.”

How to access your member benefit:

  • Automatic with membership.

What members are saying about this benefit:

“It felt like lightbulbs were going off with the women realizing they could make an even bigger impact by investing the endowment money in areas aligned to their grant making missions. It is such an exciting opportunity and the beginning of a truly virtuous cycle!”

—New Orleans Summit Participant

“I feel inspired, re-energized, and hopeful.”

—Valerie Basset, Executive Director, Women’s Fund of Southeast Massachusetts

Digital Storytelling Platform

Members can submit stories to be featured on the Digital Storytelling Platform–a dynamic and engaging way to reach new audiences.



  • The Digital Storytelling Platform allows you to explore data from Women’s Funding Network’s recent Economic Security Benchmarking report alongside the powerful stories of the women, the programs, and the organizations making an impact, breathing life into facts and figures.
  • Member stories breath life into facts and figures alongside, in detail, the strategies, programs, and indicators that women’s foundations are using to move women and their families out of poverty.
  • Stories link back to member donate pages, driving engaged viewers to support your organization.
  • Women’s Funding Network supports your content with social media campaigns and digital collateral.

How to access your member benefit:

  • You can submit stories directly through the platform. Click on the “Submit Story” button on the top right of the Digital Storytelling Platform for details.

In the media:

Webinars: Professional Development For Your Staff

Members receive complimentary access ($55 value per webinar!) to webinars hosted by the Women’s Funding Network on key issues, network campaigns, member profiles, and capacity-building—along with unlimited access to past webinars via our Webinar Library. Tune in live or at your convenience.


  • Gain practical knowledge and tools to deepen the impact of your work.
  • What to expect: Webinars usually run from 30 mins to 1 hour, during which experts share in latest trends, learnings, and strategies and facilitate a Q&A discussion.
  • Visit the Webinar Library to check out recent webinars.

How to access your member benefit:

  • Sign-up to our Network Newsletter for webinar updates throughout the year, or contact our Partnerships Manager for information.
  • Have an idea or request for a webinar? We want to hear from you! Contact us. 

Stay Connected: Newsletters, Lists, Social

  • Network News: Monthly network updates, including member spotlights, funding and learning opportunities, exclusive invitations, and resources—essential news for the network. Sign-up here. View an example. 
  • Weekly Read: Every Friday, members receive a specially curated compilation of latest news and trending topics related to women’s rights, philanthropy, and social justice—stay up to date with latest news and conversations. Sign-up here. View an example.
  • CEO/E.D. List: Get support at the top. Join over 100 women’s foundation CEOs and executive directors in this essential knowledge-sharing tool, connecting leaders in the network. Contact our Membership Director to be added to the ED/CEO lists
  • Social Media: With over 9,000 Facebook followers, 85,000+ Twitter followers (and growing!) and a growing Instagram base, we are committed to leveraging the full strength of our social media following to profile and advance the work of our members.
    • Check out our successful #SheLeadsToo campaign, profiling the women leaders within our network—the executive directors, the CEOs, the visionaries. Read more.

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Women Moving Millions

WFN members receive reciprocal benefits to select Women Moving Millions’ member events and programs.


  • Women Moving Millions (WMM) is the largest community of individuals giving $1 million or more to resource women and girls and has elevated the power of women’s philanthropy to accelerate progress toward gender equality. As a growing global community, WMM’s members have collectively made bold commitments of over $680 million and are using the power of their voice and influence to inspire others to invest with a gender lens. WFN members receive invitations and access to select Women Moving Millions’ events and programs.

How to access your member benefit:

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Pro Bono Legal Services For You and Your Grantees

Members and their grantees are eligible to receive pro bono legal assistance through TrustLaw, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono legal program. 


  • TrustLaw is an innovative program that links high-impact NGOs and social enterprises organizations like yours with top global law firms that provide their legal expertise for free.
  • By connecting with TrustLaw, you can receive:
    • Legal assistance. Sign-up to request legal assistance, for example incorporating under a new legal status, changing jurisdictions, employee handbook development and policies, partnership agreements, and more.
    • Research. Visit TrustLaw to access complimentary legal guides, reports, comparative analyses, and webinars providing best practices for advocacy of legal reform or legal amendment proposals.
    • Training and Events. TrustLaw runs accredited legal training on social enterprise and impact investing as well as capacity-building workshops and webinars to provide practical guidance on legal issues that may be relevant to your organization.
    • Tools and Resources. TrustLaw produces a wide range of tools to help you address your legal needs and support your advocacy efforts.
    • Trust Conference. Trust Conference is an annual human rights forum committed to finding real solutions to fight slavery, empower women, and advance human rights worldwide. The annual event convenes 600 delegates from the worlds of activism, civil society, law, government and business in the heart of London for two full days of inspiration, networking, and action.

Examples of how to take advantage of this benefit:

  • Equality Now, a global human rights organization, partnered with TrustLaw to produce a landscape analysis of human trafficking and prostitution laws in fourteen countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The research is helping Equality Now understand existing laws and create a strategy for policy and legal reform towards the elimination of sex trafficking.
  • Open Cinema, a UK network of participatory film clubs for homeless or vulnerable people, received assistance in preparing a risk assessment template which could be applied to new venues in a range of social sector environments, as well as a health and safety policy for their staff.

How to access your member benefit:

Making the Case: Measure and Evaluate Your Social Impact

Members and their grantees receive complimentary full access to Making the Case—our methodology and online tool—to effectively measure and evaluate their impact.


  • Making the Case provides tools and common language for planning social change, capturing members’ work, and telling compelling stories of impact.
  • English, Spanish, and Russian versions available, along with online trainings and technical support.

How to access your member benefit:

  • Contact our Partnerships Manager for more information.

Collective Action Initiatives: The Power of the Network

Members may have the opportunity to participate in partnerships, cohorts, and collective action programs that advance the rights of women and girls.


  • Women’s Funding Network helps imagine, incubate, and lead initiatives and programs on key issues. While the issues have evolved over time, the power of using our collective voice continues to unite our Network for action.
  • Every initiative is an opportunity for deeper learning across our Network, which we support through convenings, workshops, webinars, and more.
  • Our initiatives typically engage a smaller group of member funds and foundations that are more directly involved in the targeted issues areas, building awareness, making grants, evaluating, or otherwise leading on the issue at hand.
  • Learn more about current initiatives.
  • Explore past initiatives.

How to access your member benefit:


Have a suggestion or question about member benefits? Contact us.