Women’s Fund of East Tennessee

Women’s Fund of East Tennessee believes that when you invest in a woman, you invest in a family, a community, and ultimately a region. By helping women and girls, we create better communities for all of us.

Vision: Every woman self-sustaining.

Mission: The Women’s Fund is a catalyst to transform the lives of low-income women and girls in 25-counties in East Tennessee. They learn about the needs of regional women and girls and determine focused funding areas that will have the greatest long-term impact. They advocate across the state in partnership with women’s funds in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville to make positive change in laws affecting education and violence against women, including human trafficking, and hold a forum to educate the community. Their current grant making focus is “access to postsecondary education” and they have built a network of nonprofits across 25 counties that are moving forward in a “Strong Women Strong Futures” campaign — to change her story. Together, we will change the narrative in the East Tennessee Region to a positive one that encourages low-income women and girls to pursue college, a trade school or certification, so they too can become self-sustaining.