Sam Hicks

Money in Motion LLC

Sam is the Chief Impact Officer at Advance Global Capital Ltd. and leads the development and implementation of AGC’s environmental, social, governance and impact (ESGI) activities. She has developed a data-driven approach including multiple stakeholders with an overall focus on women. She is a member of the investment committee and is involved throughout the investment process to ensure that all investments are adhering to the firm’s ESGI mandate. She is also responsible for the design and implementation of our annual impact report and other ESGI related thought leadership content.

Sam has over 30 years of experience in debt financing, sustainable, small business development, and impact investing. She worked as a corporate and investment banker for Citibank in Prague and London, where she managed a portfolio of international clients and structured and arranged syndicated loans in emerging markets. She has also worked in marketing and product development at medical device companies in the US, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and with small business and social enterprise clients in the clean tech, green building, fair trade artisanal products, hospitality, and education industries in the US, Vietnam, and Indonesia. She also helped establish the Soros Foundation’s first Graduate Program in Economics in Prague.

She is an active philanthropist and impact investor as well as a trustee of Swim Vietnam, a charity that saves lives by teaching children to swim. Sam earned her BA degree in International Relations and Women’s Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from the Katz School of Business.