Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, PhD, MPH, CHES

Amaka Consulting and Evaluation Services (ACES)

Dr. Amutah-Onukagha’s commitment to health disparities and health equity research and evaluation began before she formally knew what the interdisciplinary field was called. As a Nigerian American woman, she is reminded daily of the inequities experienced by women of color. Thus, by virtue of her previous life experiences she believes she has always viewed inequity through the lens of a social epidemiologist interested in the social determinants of health. These life experiences have shaped her research and evaluation career and training to date and have undoubtedly deepened her commitment to research and evaluation pertaining to the health of people from marginalized backgrounds. She is fueled by an interest in inequitable life trajectories and outcomes as minority groups of people experience them.

Dr. Amutah-Onukagha received her PhD in Public Health with a focus on Maternal and Child Health at the University of Maryland, College Park School of Public Health in 2010. She received her Masters in Public Health from The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services in Maternal and Child Health in 2005.

Dr. Amutah-Onukagha is the President and Founder of Amaka Consulting and Evaluation Services (ACES), LLC. As an evaluator and project director, she is equipped with expertise in the areas of health disparities, maternal and child health, and HIV/AIDS. Dr. Amutah-Onukagha has conducted evaluation work for organizations such as the March of Dimes, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Yale University, the University of North Carolina, and the American Public Health Association (APHA). In this capacity, she manages a team of over 40 consultants and subject matter experts to guide clients towards their intended outcomes with a keen focus on equity. ACES is a trusted minority and woman owned consultancy firm with deep expertise in program planning and evaluation within social science. Since its inception in 2016, ACES has provided invaluable technical expertise in areas such as health disparities, maternal and child health, program evaluation, grant writing, and mixed methods research. With more than 30 years of combined experience, the composition of research and evaluation associates within ACES reflect an array of technical skills and content knowledge to meet clients’ needs across many domains. ACES evaluation work is also rooted in our commitment to health equity, racial justice, and inclusion. ACES prides itself on maintaining a team of evaluation experts with varied expertise and backgrounds. Learn more at www.amakaconsulting.com.