Manivanh Khy

Scholar Leaders

With a deep commitment to philanthropy and global development, Manivanh brings over 15 years of experience to her role as a forward-thinking leader. Her journey is shaped by a rich tapestry of cultural and familial influences, driving her dedication to equitable and transformative change. From directing impactful grantmaking initiatives at First Fruit, Inc. to cultivating alliances across varied communities worldwide, Manivanh’s professional achievements resonate with her diverse expertise gained from serving with the Peace Corps in West Africa, and furthering her studies from UC Berkeley, Pepperdine, and USC. Her current research interests look at the intersection of philanthropy, faith, and new variables in a post-pandemic world. She resides in California, where she enjoys serving on the board of her local Hmong and Lao church, baking sourdough bread, and solving Rubik’s cubes with her husband and two children.