Fundo Agbara

Fundo Agbara is the first Black Women’s Philanthropic Fund for Racial Justice in Brazil, whose mission is to fight for human dignity and racial and gender equity by promoting access to economic rights for their target audience – individual Black women, collectives, and organizations of Black women – by offering technical and political training on race and gender/feminism, and financial support. They have their origins in Black, community, and ancestral philanthropic practices.

Fundo Agbara believes that by promoting access to economic rights, dignified work, and stable income for Black women, who are usually women who are central to the livelihood of their family groups, they are contributing to the reduction of a number of indicators that negatively impact the Black population in Brazil.

In general, Fundo Agbara works for the social, economic, intellectual, and emotional emancipation of Black women, as well as for the institutional strengthening of organizations led by these women.

Mission: Establish a philanthropic fund that sustains and strengthens the exercise of economic rights and the socio-productive inclusion of Black women in all their diversity.

Vision: Emancipated Black Brazilian population, through the guarantee, access, and full exercise of their citizenship and economic rights.