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COVID-19 Archives - Women's Funding Network

WFN announces ‘Signal for Help’ program, a new lifeline for those trapped at home with abusers

A hand signal provides those experiencing violence in home isolation a way to discreetly communicate when they need help. 

SAN FRANCISCO — To address the widely reported worldwide rise of domestic violence during the COVID19 crisis, the Women’s Funding Network is launching the “Signal for Help,” an online initiative to assist those experiencing gender-based violence during pandemic stay at home orders. Signal for Help is a simple single-hand gesture that can be visually and silently displayed during video calls, to alert family, friends or colleagues that an individual needs help and that they would like someone to check in safely with them. The program will assist survivors of intimate partner violence who may be connecting with friends, family and colleagues via video chats and meetings.

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Responding to COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus the core of WFN’s mission. We began with the vision that by democratizing philanthropy through local funds created by, and for, women, we could dismantle gender inequity region-by-region across the globe. Thirty years later we see that vision in action through your steadfast efforts during this unprecedented crisis.

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