Championing Reproductive Justice: Two Years After Dobbs

Dear Colleagues,

It has been two years since the Dobbs decision radically changed access to abortion in the United States, but it still feels a bit surreal. Though a leaked draft opinion confirmed what many reproductive justice leaders have been saying for years,  that Roe v. Wade would be overturned, it is still difficult to consider that my daughter will have less access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare than her grandmother.

This week, news of another leaked draft opinion on abortion was again in the headlines, though this time around it offers more positive news for pregnant people for whom receiving an abortion may be a matter of life or death. Today’s Supreme Court decision to protect emergency abortions offers some temporary relief in the context of a more dire reality where we see pregnant people having to choose between getting an abortion and paying rent. In response to this dire reality, women’s funds are playing an active role in the fight for access to abortion and working to advance reproductive justice for all. As an example, the Women’s Fund of Omaha is engaged in advocacy work to protect access to abortion in Nebraska.  Women’s Fund Miami-Dade is amplifying the stories of pregnant people who experience restrictions in abortion access. The New York Women’s Foundation has a long track record of partnering and investing in reproductive justice movements.  

Women’s funds understand that their efforts to protect abortion and broader bodily autonomy is long-term and key to our work to advance gender equity. I remain hopeful and inspired by this incredible community.  

In solidarity and with gratitude, Mirenda Meghelli, Esq.
Women’s Funding Network 
Director of Policy and Programs


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