Empowering Haitian Women during the Crisis

Dear Colleagues,

Haiti is facing another crisis including having a fragile, nearly nonexistent government. Despite having a history as the first Black free republic, Haiti’s climate vulnerabilities coupled with continued failed international policy add another layer of destruction. The Haitian Women’s Collective (HWC) has created an immediate response to this crisis by putting Haitian women-led grassroots organizations first. HWC continues to support local partners in capacity building, helping to tell their story in a way that is supportive and empowering. Using a gender empowerment lens, addressing gender justice during a crisis is most important. As such, we are using our established relationships with local partners and our experience through our small grantmaking program to begin resourcing organizations with cash. We launched a GoFundMe campaign to resource 3 specific partners in the areas of safe housing, economic development and sexual health. We are advocating for our partners, connecting them with potential funders to support and reinforce their capacity to serve. Further, we are working to source needed items locally—supporting the economy by purchasing new phones, tablets for the organizations, and also purchasing local goods for hygiene kits and food. 

As we have identified survivors of gender-based violence and women who have been displaced by increased violence in the country as priority populations, we are working to develop a series of sexual health mobile clinics in key areas. None of this work can be done without funds.  

As we address this crisis, we are still on the path to launch “The Fund for Haitian Women” next year. We are already shifting philanthropy in Haiti using a feminist lens that is built on trust and accountability. Our partners are challenged in precarious environments, but they carry on. It is our responsibility and honor at HWC to do the same. 


Carine Jocelyn
The Haitian Women’s Collective
Founder Learn more and donate to the GoFundMe here.


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