Gender Justice Funders Fight for Equal Pay

Dear Colleagues, 

Thursday, October 21st is Latina Equal Pay Day in the U.S. – the day when Latinas “catch up” to what white, non-Hispanic men were paid in 2020.

This difference results in earnings losses that accumulate over a lifetime. A recent analysis by National Women’s Law Center found that Latinas lose $1.1 million dollars over their career because employers pay white men 43 cents more, on average, for similar work. A Latina would need to work eight years beyond her life expectancy—until she is 90 years old—to catch up to her white male peer’s lifetime earnings that he attained by age 60.

Thankfully, you have been leading the way to create change. Through funding advocacy of grassroots organizations, coordinating and collaborating with local and national groups, and more, women’s funds have provided the critical infrastructure needed for two-thirds of U.S. States to pass equal pay legislation.

These laws include:

·        Prohibiting Use of Salary History in Hiring

·        Requiring Transparency Around Salary Ranges

·        Requiring Employers to Collect and Report Pay Data 

·        Protecting Employees Who Discuss Their Pay

·        Expanding Equal Pay Protections to Characteristics Other Than Sex

·        Allowing Fairer Comparisons of Work and Pay

·        Closing Loopholes in Employer Defenses

·        Increasing Available Relief for Employees

·        Challenging Occupational Segregation

·        Holding State Contractors Accountable

·        Promoting Best Practices to Foster Equal Pay for Public Employees

Even with these new policies, you understand that no one law can undo generations of embedded discriminatory practice. To close the wage and wealth gaps experienced by women — especially women of color — we must address the underlying inequities, disparities, and barriers that created and reinforce economic inequality and disparities in the first place. We must dismantle white male supremacy and oppression in all its forms by lifting up the voices and leadership of women — especially women of color.

When we ensure that communities have the resources they need to address their priority issues, we will finally begin to root out injustice and inequality.



Elizabeth Signature

Elizabeth Barajas-Román
Women’s Funding Network 
President & CEO

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