Iowa Women’s Foundation Uses WFN Funding to Grow Child Care Program

The Iowa Women’s Foundation has receive funds from WFN to help expand its Building Community Child Care Solutions collaborative. Established in 2018, the BCCCS has already created 3,000 child care openings across the state by working with 30 communities. This increase in funding will allow them to expand that program to include an additional 10 communities.

With funding support from WFN, we can spread this message far and wide. And as a member of the Governor’s Child Care Task Force, we can use our success with BCCCS as the framework for building a stronger child care sector in Iowa.

Dawn Oliver Wiand, CEO of Iowa Women’s Foundation

Iowa is in the middle of a child care crisis affecting not only its parents, but its workforce, businesses, and communities.

The BCCCS collaborative works to provide opportunities for working women by improving their access to child care in the state.

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