Above the Fold, August 21

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Dear Colleagues,

This week marked a historic moment as Sen. Kamala Harris became the first Black and South Asian woman to accept a major party nomination for vice president. The daughter of immigrants, Harris in many ways exemplifies the American Dream. Her candidacy gives hope and inspiration to millions of Black and Asian girls, who finally can see themselves within reach of the highest office in our country.

Now, it is incumbent upon us to parlay the enthusiasm and excitement of Harris’ monumental nomination into a movement to empower women — especially women of color — to organize their communities to register and vote. This landmark moment must serve to ensure that women’s and girls’ voices and issues are prioritized. That requires registering and educating voters, ensuring that they have the tools they need, not only to vote but also to hold elected officials accountable after the elections.

Women’s and girls’ funds and foundations are playing an important role in ensuring that grassroots organizations have the resources they need to turn out voters on Election Day — especially in marginalized communities of voters that are being targeted with voter suppression tactics.

Thanks to the work of so many of our network members, voter registration and education are underway across the country. Nonpartisan watchdog projects are helping to assure that the added barriers caused by the pandemic do not stop voters from casting ballots.

Together, we demand that the right so many died to win and protect is honored in the 2020 Election. I am proud to stand with you in struggle to ensure that one of our most precious rights is protected. 

Yours for equity and justice,

Elizabeth Barajas-Román
Women’s Funding Network 
President & CEO

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