Above the Fold, July 17

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you would agree that the Women’s Funding Network is equally about what you get, what you give, and what we share. It’s about how we show up for one another again and again. Stepping up to support one another and stepping forward when it really counts — each of us contributing in our own way, but always together — builds something greater than ourselves: a powerful, indefatigable funding movement for equity and justice. 
Today, I am asking you to take even greater action to support the network to help make all of us stronger. 

I invite you to nominate yourself or another member you admire to serve as part of the Women’s Funding Network board of directors. 

I wouldn’t be asking for this commitment if it weren’t important. I know each of you face seemingly endless demands on your time. But we are living in unprecedented times when it’s possible to meet abject oppression with brave resistance. 
Indeed, I’ve seen that this is how each of you are meeting this moment. I am inspired by the many ways that women’s funds and foundations have been the first responders and essential workers in philanthropy. Our network continues to come together to draw strength, expertise and innovative ideas from one another; to take on new challenges amid the dual crises of COVID-19 and systemic racism; to ensure that Black and indigenous women, girls, and gender non-conforming persons of color are represented at the tables of power; to hold philanthropy accountable to our network’s guiding values of solidarity, learning, empowering and enabling each other to lead, challenging oppressive norms and power, abundance, resourcefulness, gratitude, integrity, sustainability, generosity, interdependence, honesty, and courage.
We need the most innovative thinkers in philanthropy to join the board so we can be our strongest at this time. Because there is so much to do, so much at risk. Now is the time when we must strengthen our network so it can strengthen all of us. 
Please consider joining us. 
Yours for equity and justice,

Elizabeth Barajas-Román
Women’s Funding Network 
President & CEO

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