Kevin Powell

Writer, Speaker, Activist

Mary Robinson

Former President of Ireland

Adeline Azrack

Fondation CHANEL

Aimee Allison

She The People

Amanda Ellis

Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

Amy Logan

Inclusion Innovation

Ana Oliveira

The New York Women's Foundation

Andrea Pactor

Women’s Philanthropy Institute

Beth Ann Bovino

S & P Global

Beth Kanter

Master Trainer, Speaker, Author, and Blogger

Chrishaunda Lee Perez

Storyteller and Creator

Cristi Hegranes

Global Press

Cynthia Nimmo

Women's Funding Network

Denise Dunning


Dr. Yiching Song

Chinese Academy of Science

Ebony Frelix Beckwith

Emily O’Donnell

Women's Fund of Greater Chattanooga

Emma Mayerson

Alliance for Girls

Gina Jackson

Native Americans in Philanthropy

Hae Yuon Kim

Mission Creative

Jane Sloane

The Asia Foundation

Jen Pavkov

Women’s Fund of Omaha

Jensine Larsen

World Pulse

Jessica Nowlan

Young Women's Freedom Center

Jhumpa Bhattacharya

Insight Center for Community Economic Development

Jill Heggen

Women’s Fund of Omaha

Jill Nowak

Missouri Foundation for Health

Joy Anderson

Criterion Institute

Julie Castro Abrams

How Women Lead

Kanika Raney


Karen Sterk

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Kim Almeida

Levi Strauss Foundation

Kim Carter

Time for Change

Laura Garcia

Fondo Semillas

Leslie Belingheri

Mission Creative

Lisa Picker

Women's Foundation of Greater St. Louis

Lucia Corral Peña

Blue Shield of California Foundation

Mary Chandler

Cummins Foundation

Mary Stutts

Stanford Health Care

Melanie Brown

Gates Foundation

Michelle Reddy

Fiji Women's Fund

Michelle Zych

Women's Fund of Greater Omaha

Mona Masri

Asset Funders Network

Nadia Segura Narvaez

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Nandita Baruah

The Asia Foundation

Rukhshanda Naz

Executive Director and Activist

Sandra Henriquez

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)

Sarah Eagle Heart

Native Americans in Philanthropy

Surina Khan

Women's Foundation of California

Teresa Younger

Ms. Foundation for Women

Tiffany Seibert Joekel

Women’s Fund of Omaha

Tracy Grey

We Are Enough (WAE)

Tynesha McHarris

NoVo Foundation

Uma Mishra-Newbery

Women’s March Global
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