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On The Frontlines Women resolving complex social issues

  • Gender and Climate Justice: Lessons from Asia and the Pacific
    Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time. Engaging women as strategists and solution-builders is critical to combat this global challenge. Hear about the gender inclusive approaches that are shifting power, structures and systems throughout Asia in support of sustainable climate outcomes. This panel will be moderated by Jane Sloane.
  • Accelerating Progress in Girls’ Education: A Global View
    We all know a girl’s education is a critical part of her economic outlook, but what is happening in different countries to support this? A global partnership has resulted in the first ever Girls’ Education Ecosystem Map, an open access resource to help identify programming gaps and identify partnership opportunities. View national education statistics, the policies countries have in place, and the organizations that are working, funding, researching and advocating in girls’ education globally.
  • De-criminalizing Women and Girls: Closing the Pathway to Prison
    Mass incarceration affects women and girls at ever-increasing rates around the world. Comprehensive reforms require examining the economic, racial, and other systemic injustices at play. Women with first-hand experience of the criminal justice system are on the front lines leading policy reforms, transforming lives, and rebuilding communities. This panel will be moderated by Mary Stutts.
  • Cross-Sector Partnerships to End Sexual Violence in One Generation
    Hear how three leading national sexual violence prevention organizations came together to form a coalition enabling them to advance their work across industries, including sports, and transportation. Partnering with unexpected companies like Uber and the NFL is increasing awareness, shifting norms, and promoting new policies that affect thousands.
  • Sustainability and Gender Justice
    Women make up more than 80 percent of the global workforce in the apparel supply chain. We will highlight global corporate foundations who have spearheaded multi-year partnerships to positively impact tens of thousands of women in the Global South.
  • Girls Advocating for Change
    Girls are powerful policy advocates, shaping a world that meets their needs. Hear results from a California-wide landscape of girl-advocates, which laws are being pushed forward, and how they are shifting toxic gender norms.
  • Finance as a Tool to End Gender-Based Violence
    It’s become a well-known statistic that 1 in 3 women experiences sexual or intimate partner violence in her lifetime. Canada, Australia, and other countries are elevating the issue, with Samoa recently naming gender-based violence (GBV) as a national security issue. While funding for programs has increased, that alone cannot eliminate GBV; new alliances and strategies are needed. Hear how finance can be used as a tool to address GBV and the vital role of women’s funds in advancing these efforts.

It’s Personal Leading with power, across sectors

  • The Happy Healthy Woman Leader
    Join the renowned author of The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit for a dynamic workshop that will re-energize you and sustain your leadership.  Learn to recognize burnout symptoms, self-assess your stress triggers and get tools to activate a culture of well-being in your organization.  
  • Equity as a Leadership Competency
    How can nonprofits and foundations evolve definitions of leadership to center equity? ProInspire will share current research on a leadership competency model for social impact with an equity lens. Discuss where bias shows up and learn how equity is part of every element of leadership – from navigating difficult conversations to systems thinking.
  • Experiencing Gender Bias with Virtual Reality
    Join women’s empowerment leader Amy Logan to experience her new 3D Virtual Reality film, “Belonging”, that had delegates at the UN Commission on the Status of Women buzzing.  Don a VR headset and live through a gender-biased workplace encounter. Where does unconscious gender bias show up through microaggressions? This powerful new tool, based on neuroscience, helps cultivate awareness and empathy and empowers viewers to start creating more inclusive climates in their workplaces. Limited to 40.  Pre-registration required
  • I Am Remarkable
    Gender norms affect how women go through the recruitment process, many times not getting hoped-for outcomes. The missing ingredient? Self-promotion. Accomplished HR leader, Kanika Raney, discusses the powerful “proximity effect” of working with other women, how to boost your career with key skills, and breaks through the obstacles in a powerful and experiential workshop.
  • Against the Odds: Women Entrepreneurs Rise
    Women own 4 out of every 10 businesses in the US, and 62% of women entrepreneurs depend on their business as their primary source of income. The trend continues to grow, yet this success comes in spite of tremendous barriers and biases. In this provocative conversation, we move beyond statistics to hear from established women entrepreneurs about achieving gender parity and redefining how business works.
  • Motivating Employers to Shift Policies and Practices for Women
    The Workplace Employment Scorecard is a tool developed to evaluate and celebrate employers who are making inroads in building a workplace where women are thriving. Hear how it is successfully incentivizing and educating employers to cultivate a gender diverse, and leading to strong commitments from the corporate sector and learn how you can do the same in your community.

The Power of Voice Shaping stories, policy, and solutions

  • Ending Child Marriage in Pakistan
    21 percent of Pakistani girls are married by the age of 18 and have the highest reported cases of domestic violence. Child marriage occurs in the most marginalized and vulnerable communities, with devastating consequences. Renowned Pakistani human rights activist, Rukhshanda Naz, will premier “Fundamentals”, a 15 minute film, sponsored by Global Fund for Women, which documents the movement to end child marriage. Hear about this journey first-hand, and what is happening on the ground to end this practice.
  • The Blanket Exercise: A Participatory Experience of Native American History
    Join Native Americans in Philanthropy for a powerful participatory exercise in the history of Indigenous peoples. Developed in collaboration with Indigenous elders, knowledge keepers and educators, the Blanket Exercise fosters truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.  
  • Women Journalists Telling The Story
    More information coming soon!
  • Changing the Narrative of Violence Against Women
    Journalists shape public perception of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking through their reporting. “Changing the Narrative of Violence Against Women” is a media toolkit and training which can be used in any location to shift the language used to more accurately represent the complexities and realities of violence against women. Learn how to better partner with journalists in your community, and what to do with media reports that are misleading, incorrect or harmful to survivors.
  • Making Waves with Advocacy
    During this time of great political change, many foundations and nonprofits hesitate to step into the advocacy arena. Now, more than ever, is the time to speak out. If you want to learn how to can engage in advocacy or develop more sophisticated campaigns, this session is for you. If you are already in the advocacy space, join the conversation for how the women’s funding movement can advance a policy agenda.

How Money Moves Re-shaping philanthropy, redefining investment

  • Partnerships, Collaborations, and Mergers: Achieving More Together
    In this day and age when we are all asked to to more with the same or fewer resources, how do we leverage our uniqueness and deepen our impact by partnering and collaborating with others? Find out how Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund developed partnerships, collaborations and a merger to serve more women more effectively. Partners include Western New York Women’s Foundation and Bay Path University in Longmeadow MA.
  • Funder Collaboratives for Bolder Philanthropy
    Foundations are banding together for ever greater impact. From the new statewide California Gender Justice Funders Collaborative to the New York-based Justice Fund, bringing influential movement leaders and funders together is a powerful way to shift the narratives that create and continue gender oppression. Hear best practices of establishing successful funder collaboratives, and big plans for 2019.
  • Where’s The Money Going? How Philanthropists, Corporate Leaders, and Investors are Advancing Gender Equity
    Leaders from the Gates Foundation, Novo Foundation, Pivotal Ventures and others discuss cutting edge approaches to philanthropy, corporate responsibility, and impact investing that is advancing gender equity in the U.S. and globally in a big way.
  • Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap with a Life Span Approach
    Wealth-building goes beyond receiving equal pay. The factors limiting a woman’s ability to build and preserve wealth are interconnected throughout her life, so why aren’t the solutions? New research shows that a “one-size fits all” approach is not effective.  Learn about interrelated asset-building challenges and the solutions for each stage of a woman’s life.
  • Women in Venture Capital
    Only 2% of funding in the US goes to women-owned businesses. At investment firms, women have historically been excluded from the decision-making process. Now, the landscape is changing as women in venture capital are stepping up and creating bold solutions for change.
  • Open Source Data: Breaking Ground in Connecticut
    Connecticut’s women’s funds have joined with statewide women’s advocacy and policy groups to develop a network of women and girls serving organizations. This collaboration is breaking new ground by developing an innovative research system that collects and disseminates data on women and girls. Data will be accessible throughout the state, providing all funders and service providers compelling evidence to inform and influence decision making.
  • Blended Capital: A Tool to Support Sisters Across Borders
    Leaders from Beyond our Borders share how they combine philanthropy and gender lens investing to advance the rights and opportunities of women and girls globally. Use their tools to facilitate global grant making for women and girls, in your own community.
  • Decreasing Poverty with Whole-Family Policies
    Women and their families disproportionately bear the burden of poverty. Increasing economic equity takes more than grantmaking. Members of the Two Generation Advocacy Cohort have influenced statewide and local policy changes to support access to services, improve programs and increase budgets. Learn lessons from across four U.S. states, and get advice on how to replicate efforts.

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