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The connections, stories, and impact of our members are the best reflection of the power of Women’s Funding Network to improve your day-to-day work and strengthen your long-term impact.

Women Funded 2019

“WomenFunded 2019: Leadership for a Changing World was powerful! The conference stimulated important conversations, and as always, our team benefited from time spent with our sister women’s funds.”

“That was one of the most incredible conferences I have ever attended in my life, I am blown away by your leadership, vision, commitment to excellence, commitment to difficult conversations, commitment to solutions and action steps, to having diverse folks in the same space, intentionally.”

“This was the most thoughtful, powerful and urgent conference I have ever attended.”

“Wow, WFN hit it out of the park! My ah ha is that I really want [my organization] to be led by women of color. I was so inspired across investing, politics, what it means to be a girl (and a man).”

“Phenomenal benefit”

Jackie Rotman - Spark

Spark was excited to see that WFN’s membership benefits this year include coaching with Women Moving Millions on large asks. We have ambitious fundraising plans this year for our 10-year anniversary campaign. Our plan for scaling Spark’s impact involves doubling our budget! WMM was instrumental in helping us prepare for our first 10-year anniversary ask. In our coaching session we learned about many ways we can engage our donors not just as funders, but as active partners in the future of Spark. We encourage other WFN members to take advantage of this phenomenal benefit.

Jackie Rotman, Former Executive Director, Spark


“An intense ‘crash course'”

Jeanne JacksonShortly after I became the President/CEO of The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, I attended the WFN national conference in Los Angeles. It was an intense “crash course” in not just the national and international issues negatively impacting women, but also innovative solutions. When Birmingham recently hosted the WFN Southeastern regional convening, WFN attracted impressive national speakers and expertly arranged all the logistics. Through our relationship with WFN, I quickly gained personal relationships with other women’s funds, have been connected to national foundations, and continue to benefit from the weekly reports on women’s issues.

Jeanne Jackson, President & CEO, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham


“Part of a sisterhood”

Sue LawrenceIt’s great to be part of a sisterhood of organizations determined to impact women’s lives now and in future generations. We stand together to build a better world with access and opportunities for individuals, communities and across the world. The WFN conferences, convenings, news and webinars provide valuable resources and networking connections.

Sue Lawrence, Former Executive Director, Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund


“Empowered to focus on strategic grants”

sadhana_shrestha TewaFor the past two decades, engaging with the Women’s Funding Network has helped the Tewa network share, learn, and grow exponentially. By meeting exemplary individuals and organizations at the yearly conference who are working towards the goal of a just and equitable society, we have been empowered to focus on strategic grants that aid women leaders of social change. The Making the Case tool developed by WFN for its members has definitely helped us learn collaboratively from our grantees. The monthly updates and weekly reads are energizing and nurturing, and are a wonderful opportunity for us to share with the Tewa team of staff, members and volunteers about women’s work worldwide and its far reaching impact.

Sadhana Shrestha, Executive Director, Tewa


“Wise counsel”

Brenda TateOur alliance with Women’s Funding Network goes back to our very beginning. We’ve moved at a deliberate, yet accelerated, pace from basic organization building into strategic investments in women thanks to the wise counsel and direction of our experienced WFN sister funds around the globe. Our current focus areas address child sex trafficking and women’s economic security throughout our service area. However, we continue to coordinate and align with other Women’s Funding Network members and benefit from WFN member services such as Making the Case.

Brenda Tate, CEO/Executive Director, Women’s Fund of Southwest Florida


“Form alliances”


Women’s Funding Network has strengthened Semillas’ work in Mexico. As the only women’s fund in the country, it is important to connect with other women’s funds in order to analyze and strengthen our fundamental and transformative role in philanthropy. For Semillas, the convening spaces with other women’s funds hosted by the network have been extremely important to evolve into new strategies to support the women’s movement. We have been able to form alliances with other WFN members and have improved our work strategies from the webinars and capacity building that WFN offers to its membership.

Laura Garcia, Executive Director, Semillas


“The energy to keep going”


Every year we attend the Women’s Funding Network conference and every year we come back with new connections, fantastic ideas to use as models, new and renewed friendships, and the energy to keep going. It was at conference where I met the awesome leaders of the other southern funds who fight the good fight every day. Our participation in the Raising Leaders, Raising Millions cohort inspired our foundation to raise over $1 million to support our work on women’s reproductive health, all as a result of connections made through the Women’s Funding Network!

Carol Penick, Executive Director, Women’s Foundation of Mississippi