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Resources. Tools. Collective Impact.

Those are some of the benefits of belonging to Women’s Funding Network. We are excited to welcome you to our global community of more than 100 women’s funds and foundations!

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Membership Levels

All members are women’s funds, foundations, or grantmaking organizations that primarily support projects and programs that promote women-led solutions and serve women, girls, and their families. We offer two membership levels, partner and associate, based on the percentage of grantmaking your organization directs to women and girls.

Partner Membership

Public or private women’s and/or girls’ grantmaking foundation; or support or administers women’s and/or girls’ grantmaking programs within a larger organization, that:

  • Endorses the mission and affirms the purposes of Women’s Funding Network.
  • Supports and funds women’s and girls’ programs that work toward equity.
  • Distributes at least 75% of allocations to program specifically for women and girls.
  • Commits to diversity within its own organization, and maintains at least 51% female representation on its board of directors or allocations decision-making body.

Associate Membership

Others are eligible to apply for membership consideration if they subscribe to the values of Women’s Funding Network and are a grantmaking organization that:

  • Invests in women-led solutions to shape the way that local and global communities solve critical issues.
  • Makes investments aligned with Women’s Funding Network’s social change values.

Membership admission is subject to approval from the Women’s Funding Network’s Board of Directors or Executive Committee.


Membership Fees

Grants Awarded

Less than $99,999

From $100,000 to $499,999

From $500,000 to $999,999

From $1,000,000 to $4,999,999

Greater than $5,000,000

Annual Dues