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Join the largest philanthropic network of foundations, funds and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls around the world.

Our Network at a Glance

We are in 11 countries across 6 continents.
Our members and partners invest $420 million annually in advancing women and families.
We are diverse: 45% of us are foundations, 40% are funds, and 15% are other networks, grant-makers, lenders, and venture philanthropists.
We invest strongly within the United States: we have members in 36 states.
We connect local to global: one out of five members funds projects internationally.


Through our global conference, regional summits, cross-sector partnerships, access to innovative tools, expert webinars, latest research, and—most importantly—being connected with other leaders of the movement, Women’s Funding Network membership expands your knowledge, leverages your strength, and amplifies your impact. Just ask our members.

Membership is open to women’s funds, foundations, institutional and corporate grantmakers that invest in and support projects and programs that promote and serve women, girls, and their families. Individuals who endorse our values and invest in women and girls’ are also welcome.

Together, we are building a movement of women-led change globally. Join us.

“Our participation in the [WFN] Raising Leaders, Raising Millions cohort inspired our foundation to raise over $1 million to support our work on women’s reproductive health—all as a result of connections made through the Women’s Funding Network!”

— Carol Penick, Women’s Foundation of Mississippi



As a member of the Network, you are a part of a global community of 100 member organizations who invest more than $420M annually to advance economic security, education, leadership, health and well-being for women and girls globally.

  • Strengthen your work—from the day-to-day demands of changemaking to the leadership you provide in your community.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for collective action on the big issues that matter most to women and girls around the world.
  • Amplify your voice as part of the women’s funding movement.

Discover the full benefits of membership.



Women’s Funding Network offers two membership types: partner member and associate member. Both types receive the full benefits of membership.

To determine the correct membership type for your or your organization, please review the following criteria:


Partner Member
  • Endorse Women’s Funding Network’s vision that a better world for women and girls is a better world for all.
  • Invest in, support, and fund programs that work toward women and girls’ equality
  • At least 75% of grantmaking allocated to women and girls
  • Commit to diversity within your organization, including maintaining at least 51% female representation on your board of directors or decision-making body
  • Endorse Women’s Funding Network’s vision that a better world for women and girls is a better world for all.
  • Invest in, support, and fund programs that work toward women and girls’ equality


If you are an individual funder of gender equity interested in joining as an associate member, please contact us for more information.

Membership admission is subject to approval from the Women’s Funding Network.



Membership dues for partner and associate members are suggested based on your organization’s grantmaking budget because we want to give all women’s funds and foundations—regardless of size or strength—the opportunity to benefit from the network.

Please select the dues that you feel best suit your capacity.


Located in emerging market

Less than $100,000

From $100,000 to $499,999

From $500,000 to $999,999

From $1,000,000 to $5,000,000

Greater than $5,000,000








“Women’s Funding Network has strengthened Semillas’ work in Mexico. We have been able to form alliances with other WFN members and have improved our work strategies from the webinars and capacity building.”

— Laura Garcia, Semillas






If you are a women’s fund or foundation, we can help strengthen your work through research, promising practices, and useful tools. Learn more about the benefits of belonging to Women’s Funding Network.

If you believe in the power of women-led change, we invite you to join us as a supporter. Making a gift to Women’s Funding Network is a powerful way to support women changemakers around the world. You can also view our member directory to find a fund or foundation near you.