Mind the Gender Gap

Mind the Gender Gap, Inc. is a boutique consultancy that specializes in helping organizations across the globe—including non-profit organizations and foundations—leverage data storytelling and technology to accelerate gender equity. Their core service offerings include:

•Strategy Consulting & Capacity Building: They help organizations build their capacity to navigate the complex aspects of advancing gender equity, diversity, and inclusion without having to invest in costly solutions that don’t scale or make an impact.

•Data Storytelling & Research & Evaluation: Their unique approach combines feminist evaluation, data feminism, and data storytelling to help organizations assess the gap between its current state and where it needs to go to accelerate gender equity, both internally and in the communities they serve.

•Facilitating & Speaking: They customize their talks and workshops to meet the unique needs and interests of clients. Popular topics include: Leveraging Technology to Advance Gender Equity, Effective Data Storytelling to Advance Gender Equity, Allyship for Gender Equity & Gender Equity in Leadership.