Carolyn Moor

Carolyn Moor is the Founder of the Modern Widows Club and serves as the President and Development Director. After facing widowhood at age 37 with two young children, Carolyn searched for resources for widows like herself. She soon discovered that widowhood assistance was sparse, so she began advocating for widowhood solutions, research and community resources. 
In May 2021, Carolyn was featured on as a TEDxOaklandStudio speaker “How to Support and Comfort Someone Going Through Grief”. 
After being a featured guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she found herself leading a new movement to empower women in widowhood to become extraordinary mentors, leaders, and advocates. Through this movement, she has designed socially innovative communities positively impacting our global society. 
Carolyn is an award-winning interior designer, interfaith minister and consultant. She has participated in the UN Commission on the Status of Women and the Global Leadership Summit community. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Growing Bolder Media, CBS Sunday Morning, WOW Factor Podcast, Pecha Kucha and has appeared on many radio and news broadcasts. Her work is recognized internationally, and she is honored to represent widows around the world at the annual International Widows Day event June 23. She was selected by Orlando Magazine as 2022 Woman of the Year Honoree. 
To learn more about Carolyn, visit or or listen to her on her Healthy Widow Healthy Woman podcast.