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Past Initiatives

Women and the New Economy: 2013 Regional Convenings

In our 30-year history, Women’s Funding Network has imagined, incubated, and led a variety of special initiatives and programs. Some were designed to meet the needs of their time, for a specific amount of time. For instance, early in our history, we supported efforts in the United States to help women get their own credit cards.

Other special campaigns, such as Women Moving Millions, were collaborations that grew to become their own organizations. And still others, such as our work to end sex trafficking, reflect issues that we continue to address through our Network even though the original campaign is complete.

Below is a snapshot of past programs and initiatives, and you can view our history for more.

Reproductive Health & Justice

At a time when past gains on reproductive health and justice continue to be threatened, our ability to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of members and raise our movement’s voice is essential. Learn more about Raising Leaders, Raising Millions, one of our most recent initiatives that addresses these needs.

A Future. Not a Past.

Women’s Funding Network partnered with women’s funds and foundations across the United States as part of a national campaign to research, prevent and end domestic minor sex trafficking. Women’s funds and foundations are often the first to create, support, and promote the latest solutions to major social problems, and our members’ response to this issue was no exception. The Atlanta Women’s Foundation, Minnesota Foundation for Women and New York Women’s Foundation, for example, were key partners and conveners of coalitions advancing public policy change and a system of care for sexually exploited girls in their communities. While the original campaign involving Women’s Funding Network is now complete, the work on this issue continues among our member funds and foundations around the country. Read an essay on this issue, or visit A Future. Not a Past. to learn more.

Women Moving Millions

Women Moving Millions is a groundbreaking campaign that leverages the power of our Network. A partnership between Women’s Funding Network and donor leaders Helen and Swanee Hunt, Women Moving Millions has raised more than $187 million through individual gifts of $1 million and more from donors to member women’s funds and foundations. Thanks to the success of the original campaign, Women Moving Millions grew to become an independent organization and remains a close partner of Women’s Funding Network.

Women of Color International Development Incubator

This program built fundraising and leadership skills of women of color, not only successfully enhancing the fundraising capacity of participants, but also increasing the visibility of a pool of talented women of color throughout the Network and women’s philanthropy. Sixty-three graduates have contributed to raising over $35,000,000 for social change around the world.

Girls Grantmaking Conference

In partnership with four women’s funds, we created the first national Girls Grantmaking Conference, bringing together young women to explore their role as grantmakers, philanthropists, and citizens of the world who have the power to contribute to and initiate social change. It provided a unique venue for young women to learn from each other and experts in the field and deepen their understanding of the diverse needs of girls, women, and their communities. Following the conference, we collaborated with members to launch the Girls Grantmaking Toolkit, which helps other funds and foundations start their own girls-as-grantmakers programs.

Engage 2012

A national summit of people of color policy experts, practitioners, thought leaders, and key stakeholders. With an eye toward the 2012 election cycle, Engage brought together high-level experts from across the country working on issues related to immigration, racial justice, economic security, LGBTQ rights, and reproductive and environmental justice to better understand how to work across communities to build a progressive, unified agenda for change.