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Summit: New York 2018

SUNY Global Center | 116 East 55th St. New York City

With economic security as our “ground zero”, we want to explore two critical aspects of our work: ways to ensure racial equity is integrated in programs and outreach; as leaders, ways to effectively raise our public visibility about women’s expertise in economic security and other areas, so that we are true influencers as opposed to being relegated to the “women’s bucket”.
Check out the full program here.

Morning: Women’s Economic Security
To achieve true economic opportunity and security, we must move from the theory of intersectionality (race, class, gender) to its practice. Specifically, how does this play out within the economic security programs that foundations support and advance? How are we committed to integrating racial equity in our economic security work in ways that also ultimately end persistent racial outcome disparities? You’ll leave with the tools to develop explicit outcomes that put money and activities in the right places at the right time to drive powerful systems change.

Afternoon: Women and Men As Allies*
With so few venues for constructive dialogue, Women’s Funding Network, in partnership with and the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, is creating that space and will model the dialogue we hope to foster. Starting with conversations between leaders on issues like reproductive rights, workplace equity, men’s violence against women, and gender equity in sports, we will address ways women and men can and are already working together, the new rules of engagement and begin to develop what we call an “allies agenda.”

Evening: Reception

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