Champions of Women-Led Change:
Connecting Leaders, Lifting Voices

annual report 2013

Celebrating Three Decades of Women-Led Social Change, Powered by the Support of Leaders Like You

dear friends,

In this ever-changing world, how do leaders like you know if your efforts are making a difference? How do we help changemakers on the ground find each other – not only for learning, but also for mutual support? And how can we turn that sense of connection into something bigger, such as collective action on women’s economic security or reproductive health? In 2013, it was our privilege at Women’s Funding Network to explore such questions. Working alongside more than 160 members in over 25 countries, we examined the challenges that face women today and identified ways that women’s funds and foundations can fuel change. Along the way, we also lifted the voice of our Network, sharing our insights in new spaces and with new partners to strengthen the movement of women-led social change. Through these efforts, Women’s Funding Network has joined a rally cry that is being recognized around the world: When women and girls are empowered, everything changes. In the stories that follow, we hope you will feel connected to the energy that defined our Network in 2013. From our international conference in the spring to our convenings across the United States throughout the year, 2013 was a time for new learning, deeper member engagement, and the seeds of long-term collective action. Thank you for the role you play in this movement of women-led social change. Whether you are a member, partner, longtime donor, or new to the movement altogether, we appreciate your support. Together, with your continued trust and confidence in us, we will create a better world for women and girls, and a better world for all. With gratitude,