The After Party Podcast by WFN, Episode 1

Welcome to The After Party, a new podcast by the Women’s Funding Network!  We got the party started at WomenFunded 2019.  The After Party podcast will keep the party going, by hosting intimate conversations with the thinkers, leaders and all around bad-ass women who energized and inspired us all at WomenFunded 2019.  Listen, get to know these women better, and keep the party and the movement going!

Episode 1 – The Feminist Future of the Internet

As a woman, do you feel safe speaking your truth online?  Uma Mishra of Women’s March Global, and Jensine Larson of are two tech-savvy women, on a mission to feminize technology and create safe, empowering spaces for women online.  The chronic underfunding of the Women’s Movement means most women around the world don’t have access to big technology.  So much global decision-making is happening online that will determine the future of the world.  Women need to use the internet to take up brave space and be heard.  In this podcast episode, hear about Uma and Jensine’s vision for a digital leadership ladder that will supercharge the women’s movement and create the Feminist Future of the Internet. Hosted by Tajma Beverly, the Women’s Funding Network Deborah Holmes Fellow.
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