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Collective Action on Critical Issues

Women’s Funding Network helps imagine, incubate, and lead initiatives, programs, and collective action on key issues. While the issues have evolved over time, the power of using our collective voice continues to unite our network for action.



Prosperity Together is a nonpartisan, $100-million coalition of 28 women’s funds and foundations dedicated to improving the economic security of low-income women and their families in America. Learn more.


Partnership for Women’s Prosperity

Women’s economic security is more than a women’s issue—it is also a catalyst for family and community change. When we help women connect to good jobs, the impact spreads wide. This is why women’s economic security continues to be a focus for our members, with over 80% of grants within the women’s funding community directed to women and girls with low to no income. Partnership for Women’s Prosperity is a collective effort by six women’s funds and foundation to unleash the economic power of economically vulnerable women – community by community. Learn more.



Women’s Funding Network connects the work of women’s foundations to the United Nation’s goal of achieving gender equality worldwide by 2030. Our members have been securing rights and advancing change for decades. EQUAL BY 2030 provides a much-needed platform to collectively measure the change being made. Take action now.



Past Initiatives

Over the course of our 30-year history, Women’s Funding Network has engaged in a number of issues, special initiatives, and collaborative campaigns with members, donor activists, and partner organizations. View some of our past initiatives, or learn more about our history.

If you are interested in connecting to these initiatives as a member, please contact us. If you would like to support women’s funds and foundations to continue this kind of collective action, join the movement with your gift today.